Meet Our Team

Our team includes leaders and practitioners deeply engaged in perinatal health, infant development, lactation care, parent support, behavioral mental health, and trauma-informed care. Frontline staff are peers from the communities we serve who have decades of experience supporting vulnerable families in the critical first years of life.

Natasha Fernandez

Peer Parent Educator
Child Development Lead

Tasha, a mother of three girls, was born and raised in Kailua Kona Hawaii. She has been working with moms and babies for over 13 years. Tasha completed her Liberal Arts degree with Hawaii Community College West Hawaii Center back in 2006. She is currently working on completing her Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences with a focus in Psychology with the University of Hawaii - West Oahu. As a peer parent educator, She is excited to give back to her community by offering breastfeeding tips and supporting new moms with common parenting challenges.


Leina'ala Henriques

Peer Parent Educator
Perinatal Lead

Leina has worked with families in many capacities for 15 years. Having been born on 'Oahu, raised on Hawai'i Island, and gone to high school on Maui, Leina is passionate about Hawai’i and it’s culture through and through. As a mom of two children, the Nest program contributed greatly to her breastfeeding journey with her second child, so she enthusiastically joined the team when the opportunity arose. Leina believes “the amount of support and empowerment a woman feels during that time not only has an impact on her baby and family but can ripple out to following generations and our community as a whole.”


Kahi Moreman

Peer Parent Educator

Crystal "Kahi" Moreman was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawai‘i. Kahi is the mother of one boy, 18 and two girls, 9 and 11. Although new to the Nest program, she is no stranger to working with families during the childbearing years. She has been involved with social services work since her son was born in 2002, providing breastfeeding and parental support to West Hawai‘i families and beyond. She loves supporting prenatal and postpartum moms and their babies, as it brings her joy to watch them bond and grow.


Krista Olson


Krista brings experience in community organizing, early childhood, clinical lactation, and herbal medicine to lead the Nest team in leveraging technology to support vital early connections between babies, parents, and communities. Krista teaches and presents widely on the role of traditional foods and medicines, including breastmilk, in restoring community health. With roots in the Western U.S. and Northern Europe, Krista is settled on a thriving organic farm in Kealakekua, Hawai‘i with her partner and two children. Off the farm, she enjoys paddling the Kona coastline, and studies and performs with Ka Pa Hula Na Wai Iwi Ola.



Marie Cason

Administrative Coordinator

Marie joins our team from Charlotte, North Carolina. She focused mainly on women and maternal health throughout graduate school and completed her internship studying breastfeeding throughout the state of Hawai‘i. Working closely with the Nest program during this time, she is excited to continue her work with families across the state. She holds a bachelor’s in Psychology from Appalachian State University and a masters in healthcare administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Sabrina Bejang

Marshallese Interpreter

Sabrina was born in the Marshall Islands and raised on the island of O'ahu. She recently moved to Hawai'i Island in the fall of 2018 to continue her education journey at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo, where she is currently a Communication Studies major. Recently, she joined Nest as a Marshallese interpreter and is willing to be the bridge that connects the Nest program to her Marshallese community.


Stacy Brown

Child Development Consultant

Stacy has a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Education and has completed Master’s coursework in Cross-Cultural Curriculum and Instruction and Public Health. She has been employed at Family Support Hawaii for over thirteen years, serving as the Education Manager for five years and as the Early Head Start Director for the past eight years. She has worked in Head Start and the private preschool sector and worked as a kindergarten teacher in California for six years. In addition to her work with Family Support Hawaii, she is a part-time lecturer for People Attentive To Children (PATCH), providing a wide range of training workshops for early childhood professionals in North and South Kona and Kaʻu.


Tyra Fonseca-Smith

Peer Family Support Educator

Tyra Fonseca-Smith is a Peer Family Support Educator with NEST as the Oahu lead. She is currently working on a community partnership with Ke Ola Mamo. Tyra is an Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor (IBC), providing support to mothers on their breastfeeding journey utilizing her breastfeeding/ lactation professional training as an IBC and her own continued experience as a breastfeeding mother for the past year. This Fall 2021 she will be returning to the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in the Masters of Public Health Program specializing in Native Hawaiian and Indigenous Health. Her Master’s studies will focus on Native Hawaiian Maternal Child Health and Breastfeeding. Some of her passions include hula, maternal child health, and her ʻohana.


Cedrick Ondra

Community Engagement Specialist

Cedrick has worked supporting families his entire adult life and has been in his current position for six years. He currently spends most of his time managing the Kona district of Family Support Hawaii’s Early Head Start Program. He additionally sits on the Board of Directors for the Head Start Association of Hawai‘i, as well as the Board of Directors for the Region 9 Head Start Association. As he has worked with the Nest program in a variety of capacities over the years, he is grateful to be part of a team that seeks to make real differences in the lives of young parents and families.


Judy Personius

Perinatal Consultant
Lactation Consultant

Judy is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with NEST. She and her husband, Jerry, have made Kona home for close to fifty years. They have a family farm in Captain Cook where they have raised five children and now enjoy seven grandchildren. Judy has experience working with families in Kona for the past thirty years, including Waldorf teaching and prenatal education focused on teens. She is passionate about helping parents reach their breastfeeding goals.


Ken Spice

IT Lead

Ken is thrilled to be able to support the Nest team from Tahuya, WA and the Baja peninsula in Mexico. He has never been to Hawaii, but hopes to visit soon! Ken is helping to build new tools that will "get out of the way" and let Nest's experts do their jobs. He believes that the Black Lives Matter movement is essential, that we should defund the police, and that we should fully fund community services.


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